2. Add Protocol Staff

Only users assigned the Regulatory and Financial Coordinator access roles in OnCore can revise the Protocol Staff list.  If you do not have one of these access roles, contact your team lead or the Regulatory Coordinator listed on the Protocol Staff list to make updates. 
For a list of all Protocol Staff Roles, how each role is used, and which (if any) notifications are sent to staff listed in these roles, please see 6. Protocol Staff Roles.

  1. Navigate to the Protocols > PC Console tab. 
  2. In the Select Protocol field, enter your protocol number and select from the dropdown.
  3. Navigate to the Staff tab (horizontal menu bar) and click Update (bottom right).
  4. To add Protocol Staff:
    1. Select the Role from the dropdown menu.
    2. In the Staff Name field, start typing the name and select from the dropdown.
    3. Enter a Start Date (date the staff member starting working on the protocol).
    4. Click Add (bottom right).

Note: The OnCore Support Team cannot make changes to your Protocol Staff list.

Need more help? Contact the OnCore Support Team: oncore@wustl.edu