G. Effort Tracking

Effort Tracking

Adding Effort

  1. Begin on Home page > Click Down Arrow next to User's Name on far right side of menu bar > Effort Tracking
  2. Select or enter the Protocol Number
    1. The protocol field in the Effort Tracking page will default to match the protocol in which you were working, if any
    2. The field is a find-as-you-type field allowing you to type over the defaulted protocol number to select a different protocol
  3. Select the Stage of the protocol
    1. Activities are divided into four stages: Start Up, Active, Follow Up, Close Out
    2. Select one of the four protocol stages based on what stage the protocol is currently in. Based on the overall activity for the time spent, choose the most appropriate option. 
  4. Select the Category
    1. Indicates choices to allocate where time was spent: Administration, Clinic, Data, Regulatory, Time by non-CRC staff, Time off (must be entered as Sick/Vacation/Holiday)
    2. Tasks are tied to the Category you select. 
  5. Select the Task associated to the category you previously selected
    1. Choices populate based on Category chosen
    2. Tasks are associated with a specific Category and so will be limited based on the Category selected. This column contains more specifics on what exactly was done during the time you are reporting
  6. Enter the Date that this effort time took place
          a. Change the date range to display time frame for any previous effort entered
  7. Select or enter the Time spent (numerals only; format of h:mm)
    1. Indicates the amount of time spent on each Task
    2. Time can be entered either by clicking on the down arrow or by entering time in quarter hour increments (in minutes in the format of h:mm such as 2:30. This reads as 2 hours, 30 minutes)
  8. Enter any comments in the "Comments" field as needed for this effort time entry
  9. Click "Add"

Within the entry you just created, the last segment on the far right has 3 icons

Notepad/Pencil - allows you to edit the entry

Green Arrow - adds the entry's information entered into the current effort logging section, basically serving as a copy button

Red X - deletes the entry

What does the "Submit" button do?

That “submit” button is used to changed dates so you can view a particular date or the range between 2 dates. It doesn’t submit your workload, in any sense. The only thing you need to do to log effort time is add it to your table and you’re all set!

Entering Additional Effort

  1. Click on the Green Arrow in order to copy the entry
  2. The information you previously entered has been copied to the top automatically
  3. Make the appropriate changes for the new time effort in the applicable columns
  4. Click "Add"

Edit Time Effort Entry

  1. Click on the notepad/pencil to edit the entry in that row
  2. Make the appropriate edits for the time effort in the applicable columns
  3. Click "Update"

Need more help? Contact the OnCore Support Team: oncore@wustl.edu