SCC Database Legacy Information

The Siteman Database (SCC) was used for trial tracking at Siteman Cancer Center until 2015 when OnCore was implemented for all cancer-related studies. The vision of OnCore hopes to maintain all of the work processes followed within the SCC as well as the other systems and spreadsheets utilized, but in a centralized place in order to increase efficiency, reduce stress, and better adapt to the ever-changing world of research. See the resources below on how information was moved from the SCC to OnCore. 

Main Questions relating to OnCore's Initial Implementation:

  1. What happened to all of the data in the Siteman Database? (SCC)
    1. In 2015, much of the data from the SCC was moved into OnCore. Data in the SCC will still be available post-OnCore live date but will mainly be read-only. One of our end goals was to have all studies that were open to accrual from January 1st, 2009 until 2015 to be in OnCore. Studies that were open prior to January 1st, 2009 were still accessible in SCC after OnCore went live.
  2. How will the implementation of OnCore affect me?
    1. Everyone who participates in the conduct of clinical trials will be affected by the implementation of OnCore. This includes clinical research coordinators, regulatory coordinators, principal investigators, administrators, nurses, and pharmacists. Many staff will be responsible for entering data into OnCore, while others will rely on reports from this data to be extracted from OnCore. Your day-to-day interaction with OnCore will be tied to your position and job responsibilities.

Data Mapping Documents

The documents below are what was used to migrate data from the SCCDB (Siteman Cancer Database) into OnCore:

Important Notes

Protocol Mapping

IRB Review Mapping

Subject Mapping

IND and IDE Mapping

Sponsor Mapping

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