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Overdue Specimens - Search/View/Report Function

Starting July 1, 2023, there is a new functionality available in the NCI BioMS Graphical User Interface (GUI) to search, view and download a Report of Potentially Overdue Specimens for a user’s authorized collection site(s).


In order to use this function, click on the newly available Overdue Specimens option under SEARCH menu in BioMS GUI as shown below. The objective of this new feature is to allow CRAs to review potentially overdue specimens in real time and take necessary actions to resolve overdue specimen notices.

SEARCH menu in BioMS GUI


The following page will be displayed allowing the user to search for All Overdue Specimens (Default option with nothing entered in the search box). Overdue Specimens for a Patient ID or Overdue Specimens for a Study. Select the option and then Click search button which will display the results for the search. If you select a Patient or Study, type in Patient ID or Study ID, then select the same from the search bar as it appears and then click search. This is similar to how search function works in BioMS GUI.





The SEARCH RESULTS page will show a count of the total overdue specimens and the results page will be displayed as shown below. (Specimen ID, Patient ID and Registration Site info were removed from the screen shot below.)




Search results include Specimen ID, Patient Id, Registration Site, Patient Registration Date, Study Epoch, Collection Timepoint, Specimen Title and Anticipated Collection Date as shown above. User can click on the Excel button to download displayed results into an Excel spreadsheet. The downloaded report will include an additional data; the responsible CRA email address, in addition to the data fields listed above. (Please note that the Specimen IDs, Patient IDs and Registration Site data are intentionally blanked out on the above screen shot but will be visible to you in the BioMS Application.)

To learn more about Specimen Overdue System (SOS), please click on the SOS FAQs page link. To learn more about how to search, view and download a report on Collected Specimens, please click on Search Collected Specimens page link.

Looking for help? Email bioms@alliancenctn.org
Or Phone 1(855)-55-BIOMS or 1(855)-552-4667