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BioSpecimen Management System - BioMS


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If you ever see login issues, please follow the instructions on how to clear cache on the top of the BioMS login page and follow the instructions and then try again. 

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The Alliance Biospecimen Management System (BioMS) is a web-based application that has been designed to support biospecimen tracking, inventory management, and reporting for all Alliance clinical trials and companion correlative science studies. BioMS is based on the functionality and user interface of the old CALGB Specimen Tracking System (STS), but incorporates many new usability enhancements and capabilities to support the operations of the Alliance biorepository network.

 The Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology develops and conducts clinical trials with promising new cancer therapies, and utilizes the best science to develop optimal treatment and prevention strategies for cancer, as well as researches methods to alleviate side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. The Alliance has been awarded a grant by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a member of the NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN). The Alliance has also been awarded a grant to serve as a research base for the NCI Community Research Oncology Program (NCORP). Collectively, the Alliance comprises nearly 10,000 cancer specialists at hospitals, medical centers, and community clinics across the United States and Canada.


Release Note Summary
December 11, 2012BioMS 1.0
January 31, 2013BioMS 1.1
April 2, 2013 - Go LiveBioMS
June, 2013BioMS 1.2
October, 2013BioMS 1.3
August 5, 2014BioMS 1.4
February 2015BioMS 1.4.1
June 6, 2015BioMS 1.5
BioMS 1.5.1
BioMS 1.5.2
BioMS 1.6
BioMS 1.6.1
BioMS 2.0
BioMS 2.0.1
BioMS 2.1
BioMS 2.2
BioMS 2.3
BioMS 2.5


BioMS 2.5.1


BioMS 2.5.2


BioMS 2.5.3


BioMS 2.5.4


BioMS 3.0


BioMS 3.1


BioMS 3.2


BioMS 3.3


BioMS 3.4


BioMS 3.5


BioMS 3.6


BioMS 3.7


BioMS 3.8


BioMS 3.9


BioMS 4.0


BioMS 4.1


BioMS 4.2


BioMS 4.3


BioMS 4.4


BioMS 4.5


BioMS 5.0


BioMS 5.1


BioMS 5.2


BioMS 5.3


BioMS 5.6.4
 BioMS 5.6.5
 BioMS 5.7
 BioMS 6.0
 BioMS 6.3
 BioMS 6.4.2
 BioMS v7.0
 BioMS v7.1
 BioMS v7.6

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Looking for help? Email bioms@alliancenctn.org
Or Phone 1(855)-55-BIOMS or 1(855)-552-4667