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16 - Collected Specimens and Unacceptable Specimens - Search/View/Report Function

BioMS application allows a user to search, view and download collected specimens data. In order to do this, click on Specimens under the SEARCH menu option on the side menu bar.



The following is the default page that will be displayed and if you click on the Dropdown, the filter options will be displayed as shown below. There are FIVE options for filtering the search results and they are as follows.

  1. Specimen ID

  2. Mandatory

  3. Unacceptable

  4. Patient ID

  5. Study ID.


If you don’t enter a search filter criteria and click on search, the application displays all collected specimens for your collection sites. Alternatively, if you specify a Patient ID OR Study ID, only specimens for the selected criteria are displayed. In addtion, you can also search for Mandatory Specimens by selecting the Mandatory as the filter. If the search results in less than 20,000 Specimens, you may download a report for the same by clicking on the Excel button.

Specimen Search Results

Please note that Specimen IDs and Patient IDs are intentionally blanked out on the above screen shot but will be visible to you in the BioMS Application.


To view and download all Unacceptable Specimens, select “Unacceptable” as the filter for search and Click Search. All specimens received from your site with Unacceptable quality will be displayed and you can Click the Excel button to download a report which will include everything displayed on the User Interface along with Receiving Repository and Shipment Received Date.

All unacceptable specimens collected from the user’s site will be displayed as shown below. Patient IDs are masked on the screen shot but are fully available on the User Interface. User can get an excel report downloaded by clicking the Excel button. If you would like to learn more about the details of different specimen received qualities, you may visit the following link: Specimen Received Quality


Looking for help? Email bioms@alliancenctn.org
Or Phone 1(855)-55-BIOMS or 1(855)-552-4667