New in Jira Cloud


Finding issues

Select the filters dropdown menu and find “Advanced Issue search” at the bottom:

  • Open a project and find the issues option on the left pane menu:

Issues Navigator

  • The Cloud Issue Navigator is more streamlined.

  • You can easily switch between List and Detail view.

  • In Detail View, you can edit issues from the list.

Issue View

  • The issues filter has moved to the left.

  • The attachment panel has changed.

  • Workflow transition has moved to the right.

  • You can also pin frequently used fields to the top. Pinning fields only changes your view.

  • If there are additional fields you’d like to see in the issue section, reach out to the system administrators through ServiceNow to make those requests.


Finding Boards

  • Select the Your Work dropdown menu:

  • Select the Search bar:


Your Work page

When you select the Your Work dropdown, you can view what is assigned to you, issues you recently viewed, boards, and queues. There is also a link to Your Work page where you can find recent projects and filter between what you’ve worked on, viewed, what was assigned to you, and what you starred.

Jira Cloud Editor

The new editor has no edit button.

Simply hover over a field you’d like to edit and select it. When you are finished editing, select the checkmark to save your edits. If you change your mind, select the X to cancel.

Fields like Assignee and Assignment Group use AI to make suggestions.

Filters Menu

A filter is a saved search. The filters menu is new in Jira Cloud. It provides quick access to your starred filters, recently used filters, and the list of all available filters.

  • Run a filter

  • Save a search as a filter

  • Star a filter to favorite it

  • Share a filter with your team

  • Subscribe to a filter

The new search bar in Cloud shares quick links to all Issues, Boards, Projects, Filters, Plans, and People.

Advanced Roadmaps

Our Atlassian Cloud subscription includes Advanced Roadmaps.